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From the stop of the subway B "Circo Massimo" (who exploits the park of street of the you Look for it is already on the spot) we start there, holding the circus to the right, toward Square U. You Malfa from which we salt because of Saint Sabina, enters the Park Savello, says" Garden of the Orange tree", and let's do enjoy us a beautiful panorama of the city, after being leans out us we return in Plaza Pietro of Illiria; he is adorned by a fountain with mask of G. Della Porta and tub coming from the Roman forums (photo) you had noticed her it is already true?

santa sabina

We go to visit the church of Saint Sabina, founded in the 425 AC from Pietro of Illiria on the house of a Roman matron was the first Dominican church. He was given in 1222 by Onorio III to St. Domenico. Of the epoch I am the cloister and the bell tower. The inside (photo), to three aisles, he is anciently sustained by 24 belonging columns to the Temple of Giunone Regina it was decorated from numerous mosaics it now stays only from there a fragment above the wooden door (V century). The Schola Cantorum and the other ones you furnish marmoreal they are of the IX century. On the left of the principal entry, you can be noticed, a stone of black basalt on a trunk of column, was probably a weight of a Roman balance.

The legend wants that the devil cast it against St. Domenico, that intensely prayed on the containing sepulchre the bones of some martyrs, the stone he didn't strike the saint but she broke the headstone that covered the sepulchre; the breakings, both on the headstone and on the stone, they are still visible.

We continue the walk going to visit the church of the Saints Bonifacio and Alessio, (more note as S. Alessio), built in the V° century, rebuilt in 1217 by Onorio III and turned into 1750, the inside of the church is separated in three aisles from pillars adorned from you protected grooved and Corinthian capitals. In the crypt they are preserved the column to which St. Sebastiano and the relics of Thomas Becket would have been tied up.

Other four footsteps in the calm of the Aventino and we reach Plaza of the Riders of Malta, that was realized by the Piranesi between 1764 and 1766 on charge of the cardinal Rezzonico, which the headstone is devoted, he introduces surrounded by cypresses and decorated with military and heraldic trophies.

In the plaza there is the church of St. Anselmo A curiosity it brings us to the building of the Priorate of the Riders of Malta, in fact from the front door, through the hole of the lock it is possible to see the dome of St. Pietro, it rose in 939 as Benedictine monastery, it became some halves Templari the XII century and subsequently of the gerosolimitanis in the XV century.

We return on our footsteps going down toward the maximum Circus.

ponte fabricio tiberina island

Reached P.le You Malfa we turn to the left directing us toward Plaza of the mouth of the truth (if you have not visited her there is already the link), a look to the mouth, to the temples, to the fountain and street on the lungotevere, we immediately cross the road and let's lean out from the parapet near Fabricio bridge to admire one of the foreshortenings (photo) more suggestive than Rome: the broken bridge and the island Tiberina.

The island to the ancient ones seemed a ship and even works put you that did it resemble more still to a ship: the bow, the sterns and an obelisk that it served as simulacro to the tree teacher. Let's land on the Bridge island Fabricio, on the left there is the tower of the pulzella, immediately see here the insignias of the hospital Fatebenefratelli, the ancient hospital of the monks of the Congregation of S.Giovanni of God is famous for the dental cares and of the oral cable: admirable it was the recovery of the cassette with over 2.000.000 (two million) of teeth that the monk Giovanni Battista Orsenigo extracted to his patients without the use of the pliers but barehanded not to arouse him fear

palla cannone a san bartolomeo

On the island there is the church of St. Bartholomew; in one of the chapels of right of the church it is preserved a ball of gun (photo) that fell in the full church of people, without some was wounded: for this /he was held miraculous and it was walled in the point of impact. If you want to go toward crossed Trastevere the Bridge Cestio......

I am tired I stay here me.... not in the hospital however!