santi giovanni e paoloFrom the stop of the subway B" Circo Massimo" we start there toward the park of the I Jest passing for the slope san Gregorio and the Clivo of Scauro, here we pass before the basilica of the SS Giovanni and Paolo, (photo) if any marriage the zone there is not in progress it is calm, it is a pleasure and a rarity to feel his own footsteps in this city

we start there toward Via della Navicella (photo), that he takes the name from the fountain to form of Roman ship that she decorates Piazza della navicella.
The Nacelle results in imperial epoch to be set for decorating the barrackses of the sailors of the fleet of head Miseno; those that is that they were employed to the gigantic curtain that mended the spectators of the Colosseum: The Velarium.

La Navicella

In the Plaza there is the church of Saint Maria in Domnica, also this church commonly comes call S. Maria to the Nacelle, also in this church there is a long list of marriages to celebrate, gives the architectural beauty of its columns and the mosaics.

We go out of the church and we go to the near Villa Celimontana, a relaxing park anciently adorned by statues that currently they are exposed to the Louvre, to the Museums Vaticani and to the Museum National Romano, after all to the avenue of entry (on the left) an obelisk is visible (a legend wants that inside the globe set to the summit, the ashes there are preserved of August.)

FotoWe go out of the villa and let's direct us long Street Celimontana, at the end of which there is the church of St. Clemente and adjacent the rests of the" Ludus Magnum" the great barracks of the gladiators made to build from Domiziano, let's direct us toward the Colosseum, we observe him to our left (if you want it stuffed a visit and some photos it is always available...... be them from millennia!)
and we direct there on the Colle Oppio where the Domus Aurea there is overhung by the ruins of the thermal baths of Traiano, (to the moment it is not possible to visit it in how much in phase of restructuring is and however it would deserve an itinerary to if) and we direct to the left there to finish our walk in the church of St. Pietro in Vincoli.

catene san Pietro

The church takes the name from the chains (photo) visible to the inside: these are the chains that, according to the legend, they bound St. Pietro in the jail, such chains were separated in two stumps one it was here already to Rome and the other one he was brought by the empress Eudossia to the return from Constantinople, him then Pope Leone I° didn't believe that they could be of the Saint but a miracle she made her indissolubly unite.


Inside the church there am what it detaches on everything it is the stately sculpture of the Mosè of Michelangelo (photo).

The walk can end among the green of the colle Oppio and the views on the Colosseum.