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Il Coliseum e l'arco di Costantino




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The Flavio Amphitheater is the monument that characterizes Rome, in the world is little those which do not know it but irony of risen the name that characterizes it does not belong to it, “Coliseum”: drift from a colossal statue mails from Nero in the immediate vicinities.
The Flavio Amphitheater is born for will of Vespasiano Flavio, like carved over, but it was inaugurated by the Tito son (always of the dynasty of the Flavi) with 100 days of games.
It is larger the roman amphitheater and before being undressed of the decorations it was shown majestic and rich of marbles and statues, it had also a great airframe in order to overshadow the spectators who were maneuvered by a chosen marine body. With the fall of the Roman empire the Coliseum was undressed and defrauded of all the ornamentations. In 14° the century, to despoliation by now almost it completes, the Flavio Amphitheater was elevated to sacred place in which they were celebrated put and catholic processions. (Audioguida in MP3 by

After along restoration, 16 October 2010 is reopened to the public the third ring that rises for 33 meters of height and from which a beautiful panorama of Rome, opening also for the hypogeums will be able to be admired, that is the galleries where the gladiators and the animals went around before the combat. To the hypogeums, than they have been conserved intact in the time because buried from V the century, it will be approached from the libitinaria door, that which the ancients roman had dedicated to the goddess that presided to the funerals: Libitina, because from there that the corpses exited. They will be able to not more visit this part of the Flavio Amphitheater groups than 25 people for time with obligatory guide and an overcharge on the ticket of eight euro. The reservation will be obligatory.

Still today in the Coliseum the evocative Way of the Cross is carried out you.

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Arco di costantino

The Arc of Constantine is the example more classic of the decadent way to defraud and to undress the temples and monuments of the precedence Emperors. Constne made to erect this arch of triumph in order to celebrate the victory in the battle of Milvio Bridge in the 312 d.C where he defeated Massenzio. The archeologi they have recognized parts of Adrianea age, statues of Give us of the Hole of Trajan and block coming from temples and monuments.


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Places and visited works of tourist interest in this route:
1- archaeological Area of the Anfiteatro Flavio (Colosseo) and Arco di Costantino


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