The Domus Aurea

The Domus Aurea


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The Nero's Domus has been the vast and sumptuous imperial residence, it immediately was born under a bad star, if it is true that to said of the successors of Nerone, to build her/it the emperor designed AD the 64 Rome famous fire freeing so a vast area from the existing constructions. (hypothesis not entirely certain........ but the history we know he is written by the winners). she was built in four years, a true record if the description of Svetonio is true:

"a statue colossal tall 120 feet, could enter the hallway of the house; the ampleness of this was such to be included three long porticos a mile and a pond, a sea, surrounded rather almost by great buildings as city. To the shoulders villas with fields, vineyards and pastures, woods full of every kind of wild and domestic animals. In the other parts all was covered with gold, adorned of gems and of shells. The rooms from lunch had ceilings covered by ivory plates furniture and you perforate so that to allow the fall of flowers and perfumes. The most important of them was circular and it continually rotated, day and night as the earth. The baths were furnished of sea and sulphurous water. Nerone inaugurated the house at the end of the jobs, it showed satisfied and it said that it finally started to live in a house worthy of a man."


Nero enjoyed few this whole luxury and the domus she was almost entirely dismantled, as it was custom of the emperors that power took with the plots and the coup d'état, The building was partially demolished and covered of rubble to serve as foundations to new constructions. Tito and Traiano made to erect some thermal baths above the building, Vespasiano it made to drain the pond and he built you to his place the amphitheater Flavio, that will come subsequently denominated proper Colosseum because of the transfer, from now on to the building, of the Colossus in gilded bronze that represented Nerone, sets from now on originally to the hallway of the Domus Aurea.

That reached us is only the part built on the Hill Opium, it is composed from her" octagonal room", a great courtyard parvis on three sides, the" cubiculi": the rooms from bed imperial, her" room of the time of the owls", so said by the decorative motives for the time, her" room of the black time" and the famous one" room of the gilded time", with a sumptuous decoration to multicolor plasters the everything connected from corridors, is present also mosaics.

And' from 1800 around that excavations effect him to almost bring to sight the 150 rooms of the splendid rests; the complex however it suffers from infiltrations of water of rain that jeopardize the stability of the structures, it is for this that recently the closing has been decreed to the public and him /she is handling jobs of restauration and mass in safety.

An updating: currently it is possible to visit only the Domus on booking