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1° Day from where we want from? Well... from the Coliseum, of course!

reachable by metro B-Colosseo stop-close there is the Arch of Constantine that seems accept in triumph, those who arrive by V. S. Gregorio, in which there is an entrance to Roman forums for lack of time we visit, as is the Domus Aurea, situated on the hill to the right of the Colosseo looking Via dei Fori Imperiali, walk this path very well around ,

let's see: excavations, churches and palaces famous, (only from the outside but... we reserve the right to visit them in another travel), you reach Piazza Venezia not before having seen on the left various glimpses of Roman forums and end on the right markets Roman with column Traiana.

We are here to Piazza Venezia, imposing the Vittoriano -(Altare della patria)- not much loved by the Romans (is called "typewriter" and many considered ugly), inside there is the Museum of Risorgimento, that we are no visit and go to the Capitol, the center of town, after having risen to the stairway to the right, (on the left to salt the beautiful church of Ara Coeli between the works of art preserved in the Church include the tombstone of Giovanni Crivelli, made by Donatello and the Chapel of San Bernardino frescoes by Pinturicchio.) them in the splendid square made by Michelangelo, with the copy of the statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the original is in the Capitoline Museums; splendid, preparatory to the understanding of the Eternal City ---I cannot avoid them... the tour lasts 2.5 Hours... Consider yourselves --.


Let us return in Piazza Venezia, you thirst? In a corner to the left, there is the fountain of Pigna... we drink, you have hunger?... eat... There you will be brought sandwiches not?... as no!... well eat there around can be expensive, however, they are to avoid the street vendors who sell sandwiches and opt instead for the bars that have self-service, there are a lot, a big enough is in Piazza SS apostles, giving the back on the altar of the nation, bottom right, I do not eat... are diet! go to Via del Corso, centre of shopping, after some here are the directions to the right to the Trevi Fountain, there are no words to describe, you'll know by how many people is always to its edges, you try to discover why there is a vase divorced the fountain, then you carry out the rite of coin thrown giving the shoulders to the fountain and... you will return.
we divide the fountain, return to the Via del Corso and Piazza Colonna, with the gallery Alberto Sordi (ex Colonna) and... Palazzo Chigi.


Then go towards Piazza di Spagna, we come across so of most famous streets; Via Frattina, Via Mario de' Fiori, Via Borgognona, Via Condotti, all streets with famous Boutique.

to the exit of Via Condotti us right in Piazza di Spagna, the fountain of Barcaccia in the named in the first plan seems to be put there to remove a bit of attention to the beautiful staircase leading to Trinità dei Monti; when in the spring is covered in flowers the effect is considerable.

Are you tired? And your children? It is time to return to the base? Then go to Spagna station of metro "A", from here you can go towards P.le Flaminio (reachable walking by v. the Babuino and then p.zza del Popolo) for the links to the north (FM Rome-Nord, metro "A") or to the Termini Station.

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