Piazza Campo dei Fiori
romaincamper.it Campo dei Fiori
Piazza del Campidoglio
romaincamper.it Piazza del Campidoglio
romaincamper.it Campidoglio
Fontana di Trevi
romaincamper.it Fontana di Trevi
romaincamper.it Piazza Navona
Fori imperiali
romaincamper.it Fori imperiali
Ara Coeli
romaincamper.it Ara Coeli
romaincamper.it neve a Barberini

Index of trip

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About Rome visit makes immediately into account the immensity of historical and cultural heritage of the Eternal City: it is an example piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano (photo)
Clearly, therefore, that both followed routes set, both are Browsing guides of the city you are, for problems of time, to skip some place of sure interest; fortunately Rome is almost at the centre of Italy and given that "all roads lead to Rome" will be easy return there to study the knowledge.

To understand the city, the first two places to go should be: the Museum of Roman civilization and the Capitoline Museums, however, if the time is low and if you have a good knowledge of Roman history, you can visit the famous places with the rapid itinerary (48 hours)

In the section on the right you can choose several routes
With more time and with desired returns, it is possible, after visiting the places most attractive, to integrate the visits with the inputs to museums, to the archaeological sites and with quiet walks in the center, visiting more carefully parts of the city otherwise beyond "Fast Tour 48h" to any weekend.
In each itinerary is present in most major places of tourist interest.

Articoli (Italy language)

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