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mappa metropolitane di roma


Official site: ATAC Roma

The roman transport network is sufficiently expanded, image on the right, when pressed, will show the map of rail lines, namely: Metro and underground railways.

Then there are the lines on buses, nothing is put all the trails, if you want to look a way to reach by public means, on the right, there is the link of the portal of Roman mobility by the ATAC, where you can download maps in PDF format with all the lines.

Meanwhile I give you a few but useful information for you tourists in camper:

the ordinary service is made all of the days from the 5, 30 to 23.30 except on Saturday that lasted until the 00.30 tickets can be bought at: tobacconists, bar and kiosks, besides the ATAC and metro stops away. (also some AA sells tickets) children travel for free until 10 years.

Currently and up to dec. 2007, the Metro to the service ends at 21, 00, case modernization, there are 2 lines of substitutes Bus : MA1 from Battistini in Colli Albani and MA2 from Anagnina in Flaminio.

Description ticket

  • B.T.I.: integrated tourist ticket valid throughout the network. cost € 16,50 valid 3 Day
  • B.I.G.: integrated ticket daily. Valid on all the network cost € 6
  • B.I.T.: Ticket on the time. Valid on metro and bus cost € 1,50 valid 100 minutes OR 1 METRO
  • C.S.I.: paper weekly integrated. valid throughout the network. cost € 24 valid 1 week

The Municipality of Rome selling the new kit Rome Tourist pass. Inside the kit are: the ticket valid for 3 days only in the Municipality of Rome (SHALL EXPIRE AT MIDNIGHT ON 3rd day, including that of 1 Travel) The card Rome pass that gives discounts and some gratuitousness:- guide to the museums--guide on events and tourist services on which come applied discounts, THE MAP OF ROME-

The card Rome pass allows access to all the monuments, museums and archaeological areas state and municipal elections. Furthermore events discounts on exhibitions, events and tourist services, restaurants. The Card will give free right at the entrance to the first two sites and Museums chosen and reduced entry for all sites and Museums subsequently visited. The card, valid for three consecutive days from the first entry made, and is affordable TO THE PRICE OF € 20, 00 at all the museums and sites, in addition to the P. I. T. (Tourist Information Points) and in exhibition spaces in agreement.

The Roma Transport Pass

Included in the kit, ATAC adds a special title of travel called Rome Transport Pass, allowing accdere to the system of public transport within the territory of the Municipality of Rome. The Rome Transport pass is a special title VALID FOR 3 days on urban means alone (only on bus, tram, bus and metro lines, while excluding resources Trenitalia and Cotral). Except for the media on which it is possible to use it, for all other methods of use (validity temporal, detailed rules for the validation, etc.) apply the procedures for the BTI (integrated tourist ticket). where to find the KIT:

the kit Rome pass is for sale at the ticket offices of corporate via Gaeta 78, Ottaviano, Lepanto, Anagnina, Ponte Mammolo and EUR Fermi.