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Leaving the station "Flaminio" Metro "A" we are at the door that leads to Piazza del Popolo top of the area called the Trident of Rome, the ancient Porta Flaminia owes its current appearance to Michelangelo while the inner façade is of Bernini, who rebuilt upon the arrival in Rome of Queen Christina of Sweden, by the way... you know that Cristina is buried next to the Popes in St. Peter?

piazza del popolo

Once through the door you enter in Piazza del Popolo, the square was completely restored and embellished by Valadier (pictured below)

Upon entering the Trident can not help but see the center of the square is the oldest obelisk brought to Rome Flaminio originally one of the obelisks erected by the great pharaoh Ramses II, it is placed on a base decorated with four fountains consist of
4 Egyptian-style lions.
At the sides of the door there are two buildings opposite, to the left of the church
S. Maria del Popolo where the last renovation was carried out by Bramante and Bernini and the facade redone by Valadier: inside there are works by Raphael, Caravaggio, Pinturicchio, to the right of the door there is a barracks.
Huddled in these buildings, there are two fountains made ​​with ancient sarcophagi.
Leaving the church we still look to the square: on the sides there are two opposite fountains, the three ways that we see from the square are (from right): Via Ripetta, Via del Corso and Via del Babuino.
These pathways are divided by the so-called "twin churches": Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli, made by Rainaldi and finished by Bernini and Fontana, in fact, looking good is the architect had to resort to a trick to harmonize well the two churches to palaces existing fact, the domes are different both in curvature and in diameter.
We can choose which way to go out to explore the "tridente", we will start from Via del Corso, the long road that cuts through the middle of the Trident, we come to the church of San Giacomo in Augusta at the right: in the hall of the baptismal font now converted into office closed to the public, is "The Resurrection" painted Pomarancio, the guardian priest willingly opens and allows the visit, left the church go through to Via del Corso (meaning there is church of Jesus and Mary) and we take the first alley that leads us in Via del Babuino, a street that already has a few boutiques and prestige from which via Margutta, made ​​famous by the many artists who have stayed there much to convince the municipality of Rome to dedicate the fountain of Artist, a about half way of the fountain del Babuino (pictured) which gives its name to the street, it is a simple tank topped by a statue of Babuino so called because of its ugliness.

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Places of tourist interest and works visited in this itinerary:

1 - People's Square - Porta Flaminia, Flaminio obelisk, fountains of the Lions, the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, twin churches: Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli;
2 - Church of St. Giacomo in Augusta
3 - Fountain of Babuino;
4 - Via Margutta;
5 - Fountain of the Artists


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