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To the Vatican is quite simple to all parts of Rome:
A Metro: "Ottaviano" or stop "Cipro" for the Vatican Museums;
FR3 and FR5: stop "St. Peter";

For Bus consult the official site

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We enter the famous colonnade of San Pietro concocted by Bernini: in the middle stands the Vatican obelisk that visually breaks down the impressive fa├žade of the basilica, the sides instead we see the two twin fountains that well but looking at them you realize that they are different (more forward it will read the short story), near which are the respective pads with the center of origin of rays traced by Bernini for the installation of the columns, in fact placing ourselves above the respective pitch we only see the first file of the colonnade

basilica San Pietro notte

We have before us the sacred house of St. Peter's worldwide center of Christianity, to achieve the greatest house in the world of the Vatican, it took numerous artists, some prints derived from famous paintings depict various stages and different styles of architecture, the current appearance of the grandiose prospectus has been defined by Maderno and finished in 1626 who worked there even after Bramante, Raffaello Sanzio, Antonio da Sangallo and Michelangelo author of the dome, and the square designed by Bernini colonnade with the Vatican obelisk, the fountains and the steps were carried out between 1656 and 1667.
We spoke of the twin fountains but several that adorn St. Peter's Square: in fact used the Bernini fountain already created by Maderno to build one identical except that the coat of arms of the reigning Pope, the fountain by Maderno shows the crowned eagle and the dragon of the House of Paul V, while the copy shows that of six stars of Clement X

Given the curiosity of St. Peter's Square, let's get in line to get into St. Peter's Basilica. We pass the metal detector and set out towards the access itself.

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Basilica of St. Peter's;
Colonnade St. Peter's Square by Bernini;
City of Vatican;
fountains of St. Peter's Square;
obelisk Vaticano;